Daf Büro Malzemeleri


1. To meet the demands and needs of all our customers with best price and service.

2. To convert our growth and development into a way of life in terms of giving confidence to our customers in every way, turning commerce into a friendship and making the customers loyal to our company.

3. To grow continuously in Office Equipments sector by using the modern methods and technics for the high quality products, friendly service and customer satisfaction.



1. To be the best and the most successful supplier in all markets with high quality products.

2.Customer-orientation and customer-satisfaction are our priority in all our bussiness.

3. Our principle is to provide the most quality and affordable products to our customers.

4. To be one of the best brands in the sector.

5. To work hard and to follow our competitors very close to be competitive in the sector .

6. To develop our enthusiasm, purpose, motivation and energy continuously wih a high performance, efficient and profitable growth.